Sockin’ Holiday Gift Guide!!

*thinks about what to buy until the 22nd*


BTS: Lookbook 2017 ​

Happy Sockin' Sunday everyone! It's highly likely that you were all up late last night watching the McGregor vs Mayweather fight, so I decided to give you a break by sharing a video instead of a lengthy blog post today. We all know Mayweather nation is buzzing right now (me included) and I don't want…

Need To Know: Urban Sophistication

Kardashian memes + Politics + Fashion Week + Apparel = Urban Sophistication   I am a lover of puns. To most of the population, puns about the Kardashians may not be their sense of humour, yet that (sadly) is me. I jump for joy when someone makes a witty pun about Kanye West. So, inevitably,…