73 Reasons why Timothée Chalamet should go to Prom with Me

my proposal to the one and only Timothée Chalamet


The Trials (and errors) Of Being Vegan For 1 Week

I woke up, looked at myself in the mirror, and thought of something I haven't thought of for a long time. Working out. I realized how much of a hypocrite I was by writing a blog post on "kicking your new year's revolutions" and some made up crap, while I haven't moved my body, gone to…

VIDEO: Q & A With My Google Home!!!

Happy Sockin...Tuesday?? It is not Sunday...what is happening?!! I know, this is weird, but today I have a special little thing to show you. Last week, my mum came home telling me that we got a Google Home for a couple days. I looked at her thinking, "why do we need this...it is so pointless".…