Random Act of Puppy!

Do you have a dog? Do you want a dog? Do you follow over 10 accounts on Instagram of dogs in outfits? If you (shamefully or not) answered yes to any of those questions then yesterday would have been your ideal day. National puppy day was celebrated all over Canada and the United States of…… Continue reading Random Act of Puppy!

Riverdale Is The Next Gossip Girl

The CW Network does it best, from Jane the Virgin to the Vampire Diaries, they always know how to target the perfect audience. People have tried to beat them out with dramas such as The Fosters, yet their fame and good name is handed back to the fact that they created the cult classic to…… Continue reading Riverdale Is The Next Gossip Girl

10 Ways To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

It is now that time of year. It is now fully acceptable to get into the Holiday Spirit *yay!*

To get you into the holiday spirit before it is too late, I made a list for 10 different ways to get into the holiday spirit. Shall we?