The Trials (and errors) Of Being Vegan For 1 Week

I woke up, looked at myself in the mirror, and thought of something I haven’t thought of for a long time. Working out. I realized how much of a hypocrite I was by writing a blog post on “kicking your new year’s revolutions” and some made up crap, while I haven’t moved my body, gone to…… Continue reading The Trials (and errors) Of Being Vegan For 1 Week

VIDEO: My Record Collection!

Happy Socking…Monday? I know, I know, I am late. I can already imagine all of the hate already, the tapping keys, and the unfollow buttons getting a workout, yet I can make it up to you! We all know the holiday’s are “wonderful”, but the rush and slush can be so damn stressful. Add on…… Continue reading VIDEO: My Record Collection!

Bonjour, Montréal!​

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“You can speak French!! Speak French in Montréal”  *attempts and gets a response back in English* As you all probably know, by my extensive grammatical errors of spelling things the “French way”, I am in the French immersion program. My mum is very proud of the fact that I am fluent in two languages, so when ever…… Continue reading Bonjour, Montréal!​

The Many Stages Of Listening To Harry Styles’ Album

It happened! How did I not find out sooner. The sad thing is my mum had to tell me. As an ex one direction mega fan, I feel ashamed. I should have had this date marked down in my calendar. Maybe I’ve moved on? Probably not. Maybe it’s just not relevant anymore? Probably? The funny…… Continue reading The Many Stages Of Listening To Harry Styles’ Album

Post Harry-Potter-World Depression!

Fandoms can get freaky. Belonging to a fandom is dangerous, especially when the fandom you belong to is one of the most popular ones of all time. Am I talking about Star Wars? One Direction? Star Trek? Yes, but today I will be focusing on one fandom that has lasted despite the fact that there…… Continue reading Post Harry-Potter-World Depression!