Post Harry-Potter-World Depression!

Fandoms can get freaky. Belonging to a fandom is dangerous, especially when the fandom you belong to is one of the most popular ones of all time. Am I talking about Star Wars? One Direction? Star Trek? Yes, but today I will be focusing on one fandom that has lasted despite the fact that there…… Continue reading Post Harry-Potter-World Depression!

How To Turn Your Shower Into A Party

It is 8 am and you start your day with no better feeling. The warm water hitting your spine is your idea of a perfect wake up call. After shampooing and conditioning like a mad man, you try to stay in longer just to take in that warm water after a cold night sleep. To…… Continue reading How To Turn Your Shower Into A Party

Need To Know: Urban Sophistication

Kardashian memes + Politics + Fashion Week + Apparel = Urban Sophistication   I am a lover of puns. To most of the population, puns about the Kardashians may not be their sense of humour, yet that (sadly) is me. I jump for joy when someone makes a witty pun about Kanye West. So, inevitably,…… Continue reading Need To Know: Urban Sophistication