Our newest edition & addition

Through tan lines and good vibes, here's to capturing summer with the first ever Sock The Walk Magazine!


Ab & Butt Workouts To Crush Your New Year Resolutions

"This will be my year, I will actually work out" *ten minutes later finishes an entire bag of Oreos* I know what it's like. You go into every single new year with a gym membership, new fitness attire, and new sneakers ready to take on all of your fitness goals. You tell your self as…

VIDEO: Q & A With My Google Home!!!

Happy Sockin...Tuesday?? It is not Sunday...what is happening?!! I know, this is weird, but today I have a special little thing to show you. Last week, my mum came home telling me that we got a Google Home for a couple days. I looked at her thinking, "why do we need this...it is so pointless".…