Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives (Literally)

How beloved is letting their customers dive into their beach bod this summer

What I Learned From 1 Month of No-Makeup

I never loved makeup. For a short period of time I was obsessed with the idea of cut crease perfection, yet that vision was very short lived for a few reasons. a) I am not artistic at all and found anger in trying to be something I am not b) I never realized how much…… Continue reading What I Learned From 1 Month of No-Makeup

Love Yourself, Accept Yourself

*Automatically imagines the man throwing around a rubber chicken in New York* – Love Yourself, Accept Yourself. Now before you pin this man as just another crazy in New York City, think about this ; may he actually have a point? In the culture of the 21st century, we have found some weird ways to…… Continue reading Love Yourself, Accept Yourself