Sock The Walk’s (Declassified) Back To School Playlist

Technically, it is not “back to school” season on the internet. Every August, about midway through the sweltering hot month, YouTubers and bloggers alike begin to exclusively about going back to school. Personally, whenever I see them mid-August, all of my dreams that summer will last forever get crushed and I become stressed for the…… Continue reading Sock The Walk’s (Declassified) Back To School Playlist

From Rome to Home: A Travelin’ Summer Playlist

Happy Sockin Sunday everyone! I know…it has been long overdue since I have released a blog post, yet trust me when I say that it has been a terribly busy time of year. From prom, the last day of high school, to exam season, I can happily say that I am entirely in summer mode.…… Continue reading From Rome to Home: A Travelin’ Summer Playlist

Music: Chill Summer Playlist

Happy Sockin’ Sunday, Hope everyone’s having a chill summer. Currently, I am having the best summer of my life. Between a part-time job, seeing friends, and doing my first internship (one that I adore might I add), it has been one for the ages! It may sound like I am doing a lot…that is because I…… Continue reading Music: Chill Summer Playlist

Neistat & His Playlist

Mr. Neistat , Casey that is, is known far and wide for his mark in the Youtube world. With 6,519,364  subscribers and counting, Casey became the king of Vlogging in 2016 as he vlogged every single day. I have over heard people talking about Casey saying, “Why is he so famous, he does nothing?!” or “Why…… Continue reading Neistat & His Playlist

How To Turn Your Shower Into A Party

It is 8 am and you start your day with no better feeling. The warm water hitting your spine is your idea of a perfect wake up call. After shampooing and conditioning like a mad man, you try to stay in longer just to take in that warm water after a cold night sleep. To…… Continue reading How To Turn Your Shower Into A Party

Lazy Dayz Playlist

“Hello darkness my old friend” 3 weeks. The time has come my friends, summer is coming to an end. From music festival hopping to exploring the woods, lets hope that the memories of summer sixteen last forever. No matter if you are 16 or 76, the end of summer means dark nights, sadness, and pumpkin…… Continue reading Lazy Dayz Playlist