Rainy Day Thoughts

Hello, It’s me & this time I do have something very important to say to you. You are enough. No don’t look at me like that. The way you always do. Looking as if this doesn’t matter, because why would a 5 minute blog matter to you? Why should anything? Sit still for a moment…… Continue reading Rainy Day Thoughts

Trendy Transitions From Summer To Fall

As the leaves seem to darken, and cool drinks fly off the menus, the joys of summer seem to fade until all one can focus on is fall. Fall is a magical time that lasts from 2 weeks to 2 months. Fall is the most versatile time in the fashion industry, one day a dress…… Continue reading Trendy Transitions From Summer To Fall

Love Yourself, Accept Yourself

*Automatically imagines the man throwing around a rubber chicken in New York* – Love Yourself, Accept Yourself. Now before you pin this man as just another crazy in New York City, think about this ; may he actually have a point? In the culture of the 21st century, we have found some weird ways to…… Continue reading Love Yourself, Accept Yourself

Did LED Teeth Whitening LEaD Me On?

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“I’m blinded by the light!”  *takes flash light* “I wonder if this will work as one of those LED teeth whiteners?!” – It was a typical Tuesday night when I originally stumbled across the world of LED teeth whitening. I wondered how anything of the sort could be possible in stores! For over 10 years,…… Continue reading Did LED Teeth Whitening LEaD Me On?

Living a Healthy Life Style (& how to stick to it!)

At many points in my life I have gone through fads. From knitting to barre, I have done them all. For me, I have a sense of admiring fads, and how things work as features in Girl-Code, and once I learn how to do something my interest slowly fades. This may be the worst thing about…… Continue reading Living a Healthy Life Style (& how to stick to it!)

How to Pack For a Vacation!

You wake up at 3 am. Unfortunately these uncanny hours are the only cons to an all expensed trip with work to Cabo.  You hens-fourth go to catch a cab at 3:30 am, and arrive at the airport with 2 hours to spare. Right as you are about to hitch into the area where one…… Continue reading How to Pack For a Vacation!


There are legendary  “bro codes”, yet before you assume I am not talking about the girl code. Sorry just can’t unleash that can of worms. Instead I will be discussing the true girl-code…coding! *you must all be thrilled…please be thrilled!!1!* – “Coding is a superpower” -Karlie Kloss in an interview with code.org That one quote was all…… Continue reading Girl-Code