Where have I been?

*insert Rihanna lyrics*


How To: Choose A Halloween Costume

There is a magical thing that happens once the clock ticks away on September 30th. Getting closer and closer to midnight. Then it happens. At 12pm sharp, it becomes the most WONDERFUL time of the year…*~-SpOoKy SeAsOon-~* That’s right boys and girls, it is not FULLY acceptable to wear strictly oversized crewnecks, huff pumpkin candles,…

Sock The Walk’s (Declassified) Back To School Playlist

Technically, it is not “back to school” season on the internet. Every August, about midway through the sweltering hot month, YouTubers and bloggers alike begin to exclusively about going back to school. Personally, whenever I see them mid-August, all of my dreams that summer will last forever get crushed and I become stressed for the…