~*Thank you*~ Thank you for everything you have done for me. You, yes you. The one sitting behind the screen reading this right now. You are here, reading this, liking my posts, following up every week. You are the reason that I keep doing what I am doing. I share my stories, experiences, and wit…… Continue reading WE ARE OFFICIALLY 1!!

Unboxing: Kode With Klossy Box!

If you have been following along on my blogging journey, then you would know my adoration for Karlie Kloss.  Not only is she a long-legged beauty who graces the runway on the daily, but she has this essence of genuine that no other super model out there has. Karlie cares for others, in a way…… Continue reading Unboxing: Kode With Klossy Box!

Living a Healthy Life Style (& how to stick to it!)

At many points in my life I have gone through fads. From knitting to barre, I have done them all. For me, I have a sense of admiring fads, and how things work as features in Girl-Code, and once I learn how to do something my interest slowly fades. This may be the worst thing about…… Continue reading Living a Healthy Life Style (& how to stick to it!)


There are legendary  “bro codes”, yet before you assume I am not talking about the girl code. Sorry just can’t unleash that can of worms. Instead I will be discussing the true girl-code…coding! *you must all be thrilled…please be thrilled!!1!* – “Coding is a superpower” -Karlie Kloss in an interview with code.org That one quote was all…… Continue reading Girl-Code