Why PAQ is the YouTube Channel that street style needed

get ready to fall in love with PAQ

Random Act of Puppy!

Do you have a dog? Do you want a dog? Do you follow over 10 accounts on Instagram of dogs in outfits? If you (shamefully or not) answered yes to any of those questions then yesterday would have been your ideal day. National puppy day was celebrated all over Canada and the United States of…… Continue reading Random Act of Puppy!


“Look at this Instagram I found!” “Show me omg!” “She’s is flawless, has a super hot boyfriend ,and lives in AustraliašŸ˜” “Oh my God…goals! Can I be her?!” *an over heard conversation that I hear at least once a day by teenage girls* – Summer. Not only does it bring happiness, yet a tad bit…… Continue reading #Goals?

How to Instagram

*wakes up to perfect lighting entering window* It’s a sign itĀ must be! It’s a sign to take the perfect selfie – When Instagram started to most people it was fun and games…but now the tables have turned. You want to show people how cool you are (by posting hang out pics/going anywhere that is outside…… Continue reading How to Instagram