5 Reasons why being single on Valentine’s day is the Best

Honestly, the memes are the best part


​Why Being In A Marching Band Is The Best

I know what you're thinking. You just read the title and all you can imagine is a flashback to the stereotypical image of a high school from the mid-2000's. There are cliques, plastic heels clicking on the checkered wanna be marbeled floors that a Massachusetts high school couldn't afford, and as you see a group…

Stages Of Putting On Makeup

I never wear makeup I used to rely on tinted products to give me the confidence to "fit in". When my friends started swiping on mascara and god-awful turquoise eyeshadow at the age of 12, I instantly pined over something that seemed, to me, like a chore. I always associated wearing makeup with being a mature…