Need To Know: Urban Sophistication

Kardashian memes + Politics + Fashion Week + Apparel = Urban Sophistication   I am a lover of puns. To most of the population, puns about the Kardashians may not be their sense of humour, yet that (sadly) is me. I jump for joy when someone makes a witty pun about Kanye West. So, inevitably,…… Continue reading Need To Know: Urban Sophistication

Stages of Concert-ing!

Going to a concert is a sequence. We begin in a place that we often forget, yet always end up in the dumps. The dumps also known as….PCD. Or more commonly known as post-concert-depression. *the horror* Take it from me. I’ve been to my fare share of concerts. 14 to be precise. Yet every time…… Continue reading Stages of Concert-ing!

Dogue or Vogue?Dogs Never Go Out of Style

Solve this riddle.. What can be any shape or size Will last up to 19 years Will be your best friend And still is not as big of an investment as a Chanel purse? No, I ‘m not talking about cell phones or phony brands, yet about things that really matter. Things that will love…… Continue reading Dogue or Vogue?Dogs Never Go Out of Style

What I learned from Fashion Month

*sees pictures of Gigi Hadid from fashion month and instantly wonders how she can pull off EVERY look from intense baby powdered hair to jet lag chic* – The most wonderful time of the year has come and gone. By most wonderful I mean the time of year when you question how models are real…… Continue reading What I learned from Fashion Month