Summer Faves ’16

Happy Sockin’ Sunday guys! I hope your Sunday is as exciting as you expected it to be…Sunday may be over looked from time to time, Sunday is seen as the one day a week where it is too close for comfort to the responsibilities of Monday. This is the perfect description of August. The whole…… Continue reading Summer Faves ’16

Living a Healthy Life Style (& how to stick to it!)

At many points in my life I have gone through fads. From knitting to barre, I have done them all. For me, I have a sense of admiring fads, and how things work as features in Girl-Code, and once I learn how to do something my interest slowly fades. This may be the worst thing about…… Continue reading Living a Healthy Life Style (& how to stick to it!)


There are legendary  “bro codes”, yet before you assume I am not talking about the girl code. Sorry just can’t unleash that can of worms. Instead I will be discussing the true girl-code…coding! *you must all be thrilled…please be thrilled!!1!* – “Coding is a superpower” -Karlie Kloss in an interview with That one quote was all…… Continue reading Girl-Code