Our newest edition & addition

Through tan lines and good vibes, here's to capturing summer with the first ever Sock The Walk Magazine!


Sock The Walk’s (Declassified) Back To School Playlist

Technically, it is not “back to school” season on the internet. Every August, about midway through the sweltering hot month, YouTubers and bloggers alike begin to exclusively about going back to school. Personally, whenever I see them mid-August, all of my dreams that summer will last forever get crushed and I become stressed for the…

Stages Of Putting On Makeup

I never wear makeup I used to rely on tinted products to give me the confidence to "fit in". When my friends started swiping on mascara and god-awful turquoise eyeshadow at the age of 12, I instantly pined over something that seemed, to me, like a chore. I always associated wearing makeup with being a mature…