Goodbye 2017

you will not be missed….

Back To School Survival Guide!

Orientations, schedules, waking up at 7 am?? Those three words can only lead to one thing; school. Whether you quiver at the idea or scream in joy at the sight of it, school is starting up in less than a month.¬†This year, I am here to help guide you in your back to school needs…… Continue reading Back To School Survival Guide!

How To Celebrate Canada Day Like A Boss

Oh Canada, from your breathtaking landscapes to your kind citizens, thank you for being you. Thank you for an open mind, being, accepting equality for all and let’s not forget a beautiful prime minister. So how do we thank a country so dear? July 1st is a good way to start!¬† This Canada Day, celebrate…… Continue reading How To Celebrate Canada Day Like A Boss