“Is That A Trench Or A Top?!” : 5 Weird Trends For Spring 2017

I love learning about the latest trends.  Trends fresh off the runway can either be a sight for sore eyes or an instant relief. There is a notion revolved around runway that the clothes will be too “modern” to pull off unless you are Kendall Jenner. I have found my top 5 Trends that made…… Continue reading “Is That A Trench Or A Top?!” : 5 Weird Trends For Spring 2017

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is soon approaching. I repeat Halloween is approaching. As a lover of all things Tim Burton and Candy Corn, this year I found I forgot about Halloween. It may be the fact that I am getting older, no longer the young whippersnapper I was, but Halloween should be a time of celebration for everyone.…… Continue reading Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Need To Know: Urban Sophistication

Kardashian memes + Politics + Fashion Week + Apparel = Urban Sophistication   I am a lover of puns. To most of the population, puns about the Kardashians may not be their sense of humour, yet that (sadly) is me. I jump for joy when someone makes a witty pun about Kanye West. So, inevitably,…… Continue reading Need To Know: Urban Sophistication

New York Fashion Week Recap

Fall in love with the trends of NYFW SPRING 2017… pun intended.

Trendy Transitions From Summer To Fall

As the leaves seem to darken, and cool drinks fly off the menus, the joys of summer seem to fade until all one can focus on is fall. Fall is a magical time that lasts from 2 weeks to 2 months. Fall is the most versatile time in the fashion industry, one day a dress…… Continue reading Trendy Transitions From Summer To Fall