Return of the Pack

I admit, I love a good fanny

European Discovery: My Europe Experience!

How I went to Europe for 26 days and found a new me!

From Rome to Home: A Travelin’ Summer Playlist

Happy Sockin Sunday everyone! I know…it has been long overdue since I have released a blog post, yet trust me when I say that it has been a terribly busy time of year. From prom, the last day of high school, to exam season, I can happily say that I am entirely in summer mode.…… Continue reading From Rome to Home: A Travelin’ Summer Playlist

Bonjour, Montréal!​

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“You can speak French!! Speak French in Montréal”  *attempts and gets a response back in English* As you all probably know, by my extensive grammatical errors of spelling things the “French way”, I am in the French immersion program. My mum is very proud of the fact that I am fluent in two languages, so when ever…… Continue reading Bonjour, Montréal!​

Post Harry-Potter-World Depression!

Fandoms can get freaky. Belonging to a fandom is dangerous, especially when the fandom you belong to is one of the most popular ones of all time. Am I talking about Star Wars? One Direction? Star Trek? Yes, but today I will be focusing on one fandom that has lasted despite the fact that there…… Continue reading Post Harry-Potter-World Depression!