The Secret Life Of a Beauty Star

I am not the best at makeup. If you’ve been here for a long time you’d know that once I attempted to do a makeup tutorial on YouTube. Thank god that will never see the light of day again. After that tragic experience of putting on makeup with my fingers, I realized that the beauty…… Continue reading The Secret Life Of a Beauty Star

Rainy Day Thoughts

Hello, It’s me & this time I do have something very important to say to you. You are enough. No don’t look at me like that. The way you always do. Looking as if this doesn’t matter, because why would a 5 minute blog matter to you? Why should anything? Sit still for a moment…… Continue reading Rainy Day Thoughts

What I Learned From 1 Month of No-Makeup

I never loved makeup. For a short period of time I was obsessed with the idea of cut crease perfection, yet that vision was very short lived for a few reasons. a) I am not artistic at all and found anger in trying to be something I am not b) I never realized how much…… Continue reading What I Learned From 1 Month of No-Makeup

Love Yourself, Accept Yourself

*Automatically imagines the man throwing around a rubber chicken in New York* – Love Yourself, Accept Yourself. Now before you pin this man as just another crazy in New York City, think about this ; may he actually have a point? In the culture of the 21st century, we have found some weird ways to…… Continue reading Love Yourself, Accept Yourself

Did LED Teeth Whitening LEaD Me On?

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“I’m blinded by the light!”  *takes flash light* “I wonder if this will work as one of those LED teeth whiteners?!” – It was a typical Tuesday night when I originally stumbled across the world of LED teeth whitening. I wondered how anything of the sort could be possible in stores! For over 10 years,…… Continue reading Did LED Teeth Whitening LEaD Me On?