Sustainable Pieces To Add To Your Shopping Cart

Wild Fawn
Wild Fawn Jewlery

Recently, going out to shop has turned into quite the hassle.

From lining up at grocery stores, to trying to pick up a perscription in under an hour, the amount of people deemed acceptable to gather in a single place has diminished completely. To some – a way of coping is online shopping. Whether buying outfits for your first day on the town to purchasing athletic wear to get that toned body you are after, the e-commerce industry is booming.

With sites such as CupShe and Fashion Nova amping up the sales, trust me, it’s hard to say no to a $2 top. But what are the consequences? When ordering on a computer, you seem far away from the realities of landfills and pollution that these giants create.

Personally, I’ve been doing a lot of buying over this quarantine period. It seems that tracking my skin care package in the mail is the only butterflies I’ve gotten in my stomach for a long time. When looking for a new essential purchase online, I get lost with what brands are and are not worth my pay pal transfer. To do the hard work for you, I found four sustainable brands that are worth your purchase now, and any time when ordering online:

All eyes on me in the centre of the ring just like….WOLF CIRCUS:

Yes, a Britney quote can never do you wrong (especially after the burnt down gym fiasco), but this brand is nothing shy of getting all eyes on you. Wolf Circus is a Van City based jewlery brand that emphasizes hand made gems. They are run, created, and powered by women – with pieces for anyone and everyone. All pieces are hand fabricated using recycled sterling silver and bronze that is coated with 14k gold plating. Though jewlery can verge on the expensive side, Wolf Circus embraces the joy of creating memorable pieces of attainable luxury.

Check out Wolf Circus today!

Wildin’ Out with WILD FAWN:

Pieces can uplift any outfit from day to night – done in sustainability & style! Created in 2015, Wild Fawn as a fine jeweller knows the importance of questioning where and how each piece is made. Registered as a Fair Trade Gold brand, each piece is either recycled or produced fairly and transparently. Not only do you look good in their series of minimalistic pieces but each purchase is put towards funding social projects to help the community of minerts with new schools and healthcare systems.

Check out Wild Fawn today!

Make your own disco with WOLVEN THREADS:

One thing that will always make my heart skip a beat are bell bottoms. The other day, I was searching for the perfect pair, when Instagram threw me in the path of Wolven Threads. With a mission to make sustainable sexy – these active wear (and might I add REVERSIBLE) pieces are to die for. By taking recycled bottles, they spin this sustainable thread in a way no one can resist. For yogis and athleisure users alike – Wolven Threads is the brand for you.

Check out Wolven Threads today!

No words needed…PANGAIA

With the love and care physically written on every piece, these sweatpants are worth cuddling up with. As a direct to consumer brand, PANGAIA has killed the Instagram game, one sold out collection at a time. Currently, PANGAIA is working on Mangrove planting in the Biak Island of Indonesia. The equation is as follows: 1 purchase to them = 1 mangrove tree planted = 1 ton of CO2 sequestered…all thanks to you! Before you buy a sweat suit to look like Kim K, think of the benefits you could be giving to making this world go round.

Check out PANGAIA today!

Now go out there and save the world in style


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