Let’s Try This Again…

Here’s the thing.

No, I’m not going to make a big deal that I am back…because if we know anything about my track record on here is that I truly cannot keep a promise like that. Nothing personal, just I am lazy. Period.

But seriously, there is one thing I’ve missed more in this world, is the ability to sit down on my computer at 1am on a Friday night thinking, “what am I going to write about for Sunday?”

Sock the walk has been part of my life for YEARS. There is most likely documentation on this site of boy band loving and trends that should maybe never have existed – but here we are, in 2020 living (and breathing) to see another post.

Over the past year, I have changed more than I would have ever expected.

I got two amazing jobs, was a tour guide for the City of Toronto, got heat stroke one too many times, and finally ditched every dating app known to man (I know, MILESTONES). The funny thing is, when I used to write on my weekly “Sockin’ Post”, as much as I loved it, I felt a need to hide from reality and not show the real me.

Yes, every opening anecdote and playlist I made, was me, but it was semi filtered. Think of it this way. I started this beautiful blog when I was fifteen years old. FIFTEEN. After many years, and many poor decisions, I look back at this blog, and truthfully get to relive my teenage years.

Now that I am successfully a twenty year old, it is quite conflicting to witness my high school self trying to fit in with every trend and topic, all while trying to be PG-13.

Now that I have dusted off the cover, and re opened this chapter of my life, I’d just like to say this: welcome to the real sock the walk…boy have I been waiting for this.

If you are ready for some odd stories, life updates, and things you probably did not want to know about a lanky lady, stay tuned.

As always,


By Sock the Walk

You can talk the talk but can you sock the walk? Feel free to join this amazing community & follow//sockthewalk@gmail.com//

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