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Summer vacation; a time of relaxation, having sunscreen become your signature scent and aloe vera as your new wingman. 

There is this essence to summer. It puts all teenage angst to rest, bringing out a carefree persona to play.

That is…until you reach university.

Throughout high school, you dream of the day that you will finally become an adult. It’s visualized that the day you leave highschool, turn 19 and get into the real world, everyone will automatically find their place. The idea of moving away, living as an adult, and being legal drinking age, has every pimple ridden teen wishing their lives away. After a shock of first year university going by in the blink of an eye you get to the point of no return. The seemingly perfect four month summer vacation.

I use the word “vacation” lightly.

No longer are you able to waste summer days away without the burden of full-time employment and tax returns on your shoulders. Suddenlt it seems that summer is a lot more intimidating in the working world. Going into my first uni summer break, I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know that despite the work, multiple heatstroke episodes, and tears shed, this would come to be the best summer of my life.

During the dog days of summer, as a way to commemorate the good times (and the bad), I decided to turn my blog posts over the past few months into a magazine. The one thing I’ve learned from having a blog over the past five-ish years (yes we were on a break at one point), is that a blog is a time capsule. Every post, grammar mistake and post about my guy obsessions at the time, fit into an endless cycle. A cycle of learning, growing, and soon reaching each and every goal set along the way. All to be reset for a new chapter.

Through the ups and downs, the breaks and crappy blog posts, the one thing that was there was the support I was given from those around me.

THANK YOU to those who have continued to endlessly support my dive into the writing world and a warm welcome to the first ever Sock The Walk magazine. One of many more to come!

This is for all of those who inspired me to keep doing more creatively in daily life. I hope you enjoy it. Click the download button down below for your free PDF of the SOCK THE WALK MAGAZINE!


By Sock the Walk

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