Meet the Whack Attack

Wack; a slang term that originated in the 1960s associated with being inadequate or inferior.

Whack, on the other hand, is a powerful term. Whack is a noun jam-packed with creativity, individuality, and love. How could two words that have one letter of a difference be such completely different terms in the English language you may ask? The answer is simple, but first, let me introduce you to Tierra Whack.

You may have heard of her through praise from artists such as Tyler, the Creator, or Rihanna, yet this twenty-four-year-old musical visionary is taking over the (whack) world. Tierra Whack took the female rap game by storm upon the release of her debut fifteen track and the fifteen-minute visual album “Whack World” in 2018. With influences from the world of Dr. Seuss to the joy of Sesame Street, it is no wonder this new voice got put on center stage for being a little different. There can’t be many influential rappers who talk about being unemployed to pet cemeteries. This Philly native knows precisely what she is doing.

Growing up in the projects, Tierra found her peace through poetry. Whack filled notebooks daily. Eventually, she turned those poems into bars when hearing her mom blast Biggie, 50 Cent, and Jay-Z in the car. Driving in North Philly with her mom is where it all started, with musical influences that changed her career and a golden ticket that sealed the deal. One day at the age of fifteen, Tierra, then known as Dizzle Dizz, drove past a car that read WERUNTHESTREETS. The local blog and YouTube channel is known for rappers such as Meek Mill, went around town asking new artists to showcase their talent. And the young Tierra did not hesitate to deliver. Hopping out of the car and showing them exactly what she’s got, the video of the young rapper blew up overnight.

It sounds like a fairy tale for a Philly native, yet Tierra was far from her golden crown. After making the bold move from Philly to Atlanta to escape local stardom, Tierra soon struggled with homelessness upon her return. This risk was one that music made Whack take, and it showed to be a risk that brought the visionary behind Whack World to stardom once again. This time from selling out her debut UK show in a mere 60 seconds to playing at Lollapalooza.

Tierra’s ongoing yearns to live out the childhood fantasy is showcased with filling bright colours throughout every video and never taking her brand too seriously that never leave her fans disappointed. One individual, one performer, one girl, changed the term whack for the end of time. How does Tierra Whack have this power? That’s a question that the traditional rap scene still can’t figure out. The answer is simple. It is exactly what one learns upon entry of elementary school; it pays to embrace your individuality and follow your passions.

Through smooth melodies and upbeat hip hop to teaching listeners that it is okay to be weird, Tierra Whack is one shining bright that is not burning out any time soon. So Oxford dictionary here is a proposition for you. Change your definition (and listen to some Tierra Whack as you do it).


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