Maybe There Shouldn’t Be an App For That

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Dating apps changed my life.

I remember when I first opened Bumble and knew that the toxicity would soon take over. One year later, here I am knowing that I should quit. Yet I never do. The lifestyle of online dating for milennials is a repetitive cycle of the chase, the hook up, cuffing season and fatefully…the ghosting.

I was trapped in this hypocritical world of judging others for choosing the wrong guy, as I always did the same. Until one morning, when something changed. I got up, put on my glasses, sipped on some coffee, and wrote away all of my frustrations. I ended the day with a personal piece on online dating, not intending for it to ever see the light of day. I wrote it as a piece of therapy, until a miracle occured.

Due to the two of the most supportive people in my life, on August 9th 2019, my piece featured in the First Person section of The Globe and Mail. Never in my nineteen years of living and breathing on this earth did I think I would be published in a national newspaper. I cannot thank Cathy and Bethany enough for making this dream happen. The experience I had has opened my eyes to the opportunities around me, and I am so thankful to all the work that was put in to help me rework the piece until it was published.

I am beyond thankful and ever so humbled by all of the heartwarming feedback I got from the piece. To me, personal writing is my therapy. It is hard to let it go out into the world knowing it will be critiqued or hated by some. Yet at the end of the day, letting it go out there made many people message me wanting to begin the conversation of how the dating experience needs to change.

I am speechless. For once I am without words. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Click here to read the piece!


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