Beware of Pills & Cheap Thrills

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A pounding beat over comes the crowd. Your heart starts pounding to the sound that carries through you like a wave. A feeling  that takes over all consciousness to bring a state of pure ecstacy. You feel as if nothing matters in the world. Yes, you have bills to pay, and yes tomorrow you will have a splitting head ache, but the feeling of now sends each individual into a state that simply cannot be explained. Then it all ends. Much like a dream, it vanishes in a split second, leaving you alone with a feeling of emptiness inside. You’ve crashed, and the only thing that can revive you is that happy little pill in your pocket. 

Music festivals and raves alike have taken over the globe. With leading performers in all genres from rap to electronic dance music, there is no lack of music festivals to find across North America. The culture of music festivals caters to the audience of those who have reached legal drinking age and are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on the three to four day occasion. These are the type of people who go to have a good time with friends, lovers, and to meet others. They are not there necessarily to remember every moment of the festival, yet to embrace the carefree atmosphere of body suits and glitter that each and every one have to offer. 

Music festivals are depicted to society at a young age as a time of bliss and flower power. An innocent bit of amusement from daily life.  With intense music, an open field, and limited police surveillance, it seems like the ideal time to try substances that increase partying or to just expirement. Many shed light on electronic dance music as the key factor in the increasing drug use amongst milennials at festivals and raves. Blame it on EDM if you want to, yet drug addiction at music festivals has been around since Woodstock in the 1960’s. Back then it was about peace and love with a hint of acid, the same ingredients that have spiraled into the culture of music festivals that are growing across the globe. Music festivals are used as a way to escape the trials of life. They do not want to be told what they can and cannot do by their mothers, friends, and spouses, so they turn to pills. Substances such as MDMA/Molly, LSD, Marijuana, Cocaine, Mushrooms, Adderall and more are sneaked into music festivals rampantly for all the visitors to indulge in. In mainstream music, it is made out for drug use to be a positive thing. One that resembles money and power for all that use it, when the reality is corruption. Singers go on and on about exploiting bodies and popping pills for the fame and fortune, feeding a sense of euphoria to all of those who listen. They eurn for a feeling that will last the entire day. 

Music festivals have demanding schedules. Large gatherings ask for audiences to be up from as early as 10 am to as late as 3 am to stay and watch each and every performer. Each and every human body needs around eight hours of sleep per night, and realistically no music festival could ever offer that to any avid visitor. So instead of sleeping, many visitors power through. When the body naturally starts to crash, they rely on substances to keep going. Forcing the human body to intake something that it is not used to or meant to process. Pairing a lack of rest with a intense weather conditions, it seems as if societys only way to cope through the event is by giving into that happy little pill

Since it seems as if the patterns of music festivals will not change anytime soon, the education of these substances needs to get into the hands of the users. Drug use is somthing they do not teach you in health class. To be honest, they bairly even teach you how to put on a condom correctly. It is something the user has to experience themselves, completely lost through a Google search. 

Don’t go thinking this is an essay from your mother telling you what you can and can’t do. Take this as a piece of education to be aware of what circumstances may hold. The only person looking out for you in the world is yourself, so value the importance of proceeding with caution and have a safe music festival season. 


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