Where have I been?

As a kid, you are taught that the entire month of December is solely dedicated to celebrating the holiday season. Cutting snowflakes, making up excuses to hold another “money smart” assembly, and daydreaming of what Santa will wrap up under the Christmas tree. December was my stress-free hideaway throughout the craziness of the real world. Yet as I got older, and became a struggling university student, the month of December lacked luster.

When entering your first semester at post-secondary, it is hard to imagine the breakdowns and late nights ahead. You just have to take every new obstacle that the week throws at you. Ten-page papers and twenty-five percent assignments help turn weeks into days and days into months until you happen to find yourself a week before finals exhausted, heartless, and hungry.

You flip through that agenda you bought in the first week of September assuming that it would be the one thing consistent in your life for the next year and happen to realize that through all the crossing, highlighting and empty spaces, it occurred to have become December.

Holy shit. It’s December.

No longer do you associate this joyous month with smiles and festive films. For the next four years, this month will be known as the month of “I’m just trying to pass.” Through the stress-inducing sleepless nights, many forget to look around once and a while and to take care of their mental health.

This year was my first experience of the joy university brings. Let me tell you…it was something else. As you could probably tell by my lack of weekly blog posts, the first semester of university hasn’t been as easy as I expected. Every teary-eyed mom who sends you off on move-in day goes on and on about the “big change” of university. With an eye roll, you mostlikely dismissed this thinking it was only the sentimental mom card being pulled, yet as per usual, moms are always right.

After the first assignment, you are on cloud 9. You feel accomplished and as one does, celebrate well on the weekend. Then it all comes crashing down in about three weeks. Perfectly timed to when you get the assignment back and realize how damn confusing it is to read your TA and Profs mind. Only to repeat the cycle of ups and downs for the next twelve weeks until you regain the spark in your soul with the ONE MONTH winter break.

So yes, I know you must’ve all missed my terrible puns and relatable Tumblr teen rhetoric yet I promise you Sock The Walk is alive and well. Just a bit dead inside. To be truly honest, I feel as if I’ve lost the joy of blogging weekly. After classes, all I want to do is go home and binge the Office while chowing down on some chocolate. No, this isn’t the healthiest coping mechanism yet as the white girl I am, I’m going to say that 2019 is going to be a #newyearnewme moment.

I am so excited for the next year to come and some special new projects I have ahead. With that being said, I thought I would come clean and tell you all that instead of weekly posts, which I clearly have not been achieving, I will be doing MONTHLY blog posts.

These will be more in my lifestyle direction. I am excited to focus more on longer well-written posts rather than pumping out all the content that comes to mind (good and bad).

Thank you so much to all the lovely people who have stuck along this far. To quote the iconic Danny Zucko I’m going to end this explanation post by saying, “this is only the beginning”.

All my love,


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