Thank u, A​riana.​​..what’s next?

There is a simple structure for love songs. The artist gushes about how lucky they are to have their partner forever by their side (yet never giving detail on who it is…when everyone knows who it is about), then on average, two months later the artist releases a petty breakup song stating how glad they are to be “over them”. Usually dragging them in the dirt for rational reasons. Each year, the cycle continues and grows more and more being fueled by mass media hubs who only seem to focus on what celebs are wearing, who they are kissing, and when they’ll get pregnant. Yet in November, one of the biggest queens of pop decided to quote Taylor Swift and be “excluded from this [on going] narrative.” 

Ariana’s relationship to SNL comedian Pete Davidson was a whirlwind of moving on from Mac Miller to getting engaged within three months then tragically splitting up leaving all the #Grandson shippers a wreck. Fans started making conspiracy theories as to why the pair split, drawing attention to Davidson’s sexual comments about queen Grande saying he would switch her birth control with tic-tacs. The world was balancing in Ari’s hands. Everyone was watching her. Wondering when her next song would tell the entire story as to why they broke up. Following the simple break up structure. 

Instead, on November 3rd 2018, Ariana Grande blessed the world with the most empowering breakup song of all time. Miss Grande created an anthem for all the hurt hearts out there to get up and say “thank u, next”. 

I was never the biggest fan of Ariana Grande. Yes, I thought she was incredibly talented, and “Honeymoon Avenue” WAS and still is one of my favourite songs to blast in the car, yet I never listened to her on repeat. When I heard about the split, I automatically was intrigued. Ariana Grande seems like a predictable pop star, so I thought I knew she would do what most do and confess to the world why she and Davidson weren’t compatible. Yet recent events of the passing of Ariana’s ex Mac Miller made things complicated. My heart ached for Ariana Grande. She loved Mac more than anything, even after the break up and to hear him passing was heartbreaking news. 

My love life is quite the mess. Like most Pisces, I tend to over think all situations and create the perfect illusion in my mind whis is not what is really going on. I imagine love as a Rom-Com, and I am a hopeless girl waiting for my Hugh Grant. One morning, I woke up as I usually do…thinking on the commute to school about my love life, until I opened my Spotify. A bubble popped up directing me to the “NEW HIT THANK, U NEXT.” I put in my earbuds one at a time and automatically grew the widest grin. 

As the upbeat pop song unfolds, the listener discovers that Ari is focusing on herself instead of ripping apart her exes. Unlike most, Ariana lists off her exes, not in a shady way, yet saying it just did not work out. Like the queen she is, Ariana helps spread the word to her fans that post-breakup you will one day find the one, but for now, your true love should be yourself. 

I turned “thank u, next” into part of my daily routine. Dancing in public, tapping my toes on the downtown bus, or humming it in class; and it never got old. No matter how many times it came on shuffle, it always seemed to get better. Then, Ariana took it to the next level by creating a music video reflecting all of the most cult classic teen movies of the 2000s. 

The first time I watched the video…I screamed.

I had just spent a long hard day at school and invited my friend over to hang out and study. After one minute, we gave up on studying and instead polished off a tub of candy cane ice cream, Uber Eats-d burgers and drank tea. It was the start of the ultimate girls night in. We were both so emotionally and physically drained from the pain of uni life and exam review lectures back to back thinking of the studying ahead. Yet when the food arrived a notification popped up from YouTube. We clicked the ad, and after four hours of the video being released, we dove right in. 

I am a lover of all things cheesy movies. I would call Rom-Coms my guilty pleasure, yet I am not ashamed that I’d rather sit at home watching Love Actually instead of hitting the clubs. The heartfelt, sometimes tear-jerking, movies make my world go round. Much like love songs, in the early 2000s, there seemed to have been a perfect recipe made for the romantic comedy that turned them into cult classics. 

Mean Girls. Legally Blonde. Bring It On. 13 Going On 30. Four movies that should be marked in history, and also the four films that Ari portrays in “thank u, next”. With a star-studded cast, the real-life Aaron Samuels, Troye Sivan, Liz Giles, Miranda frickin Sings, Matt Bennett Jennifer Coolidge, and even the coolest mom of them all…Kris Jenner *jaw drops* *heart is filled by three sizes* 

That is how a breakup song is done. Hats off to Ariana Grande! All I want to know now is what does she have up her sleeve next?


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