Fall…I Love You So

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

– L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

The sound of crunching leaves and the comfort of that one oversized sweater that makes you feel like you are cuddled up in a duvet reading a foreign novel on a Sunday morning with a cup of lemon tea in your hand. There is something so magical about the two weeks that Canada calls Fall. 

I begin to have an appreciation for the long streetcar ride to school. Watching the leaves fall slowly and crumble muffled by the sounds of a bustling city and my one headphone playing “Mystery Of Love” softly in the background. There is an air of joy among all the hustle and bustle that makes the poignant businessman in front of you turn around and comment on the news, starting a conversation amongst the entire car on how lucky we are to be in our little big city. 

It’s a feeling that carries through the entire day that makes one feel as if they deserve background music from the melodies of Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. On a park bench or in a coffee shop with the steam from your americano lighting up your face in a way that changes the often twang of the bold brew to a feeling of comfort and happiness. Saying hi to that one girl in your Tuesday morning lecture and commenting on your style because you have been secretly admiring it all year and think she deserves to know. 

There is not suffice way for me to describe that feeling that crisp air between your hair that sends a chill down your spine, yet you beg for more rather than putting on a jacket. 

It is a subtle reminder in the grand scheme of things that life is worth living. Oh, and that everything is better with a hint of Tim Burton and pumpkin scented candles that smell like a man. 

So please, next time you are out and about this season just take a minute. Turn off your 140 bpm trap. Slow down. Don’t be so worried about your seven-page research paper that has no guidelines or whether that boy in your lecture notices you. Just submerge yourself in the naive belief that winter will never be upon us. 

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