How to Have a Chic Dorm on a Budget!

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Let’s face it, the end of the school year is fast approaching. Yet this year, the sweet smell of ice cream and summer comes hand in hand with many nights staying up. Spring is the most wonderful time of the year from accepting to universities and realizing that moving away a couple of hours will be a good idea for your independence. Then flash forward two months and you will have arrived. Bags and boxes sprawled all over a single bed and any space that is available or not taken up by your roommates own cardboard boxes as well. These four grey brick walls with a slit of a window will be yours for the next four years. You look out the window and begin to think of how you used to live comfortably at home. 70% of first-year university students will be homesick during the first month of university. You scoffed at the numbers thinking, “I will NEVER be homesick”. Then it hits you. Being away one hour to a five-hour plane ride and living on your own can be very difficult. If not approached correctly you can crack. The ideal way to solve this would be to create a hygge haven of fairy lights and mason jars in your new pad. But let’s be honest, you do not have the money for that, especially with the student loans. Yet why not make your dorm your own? 40% of students do not feel that their dorm feels like “home”. Well, we are here to change that! This year, make your dorm your own on a budget (because chic can be cheap)


#1: Green out!
Succulents can give anywhere an earthy feel. Something that lacks in a university dorm. Make your room lively and without any effort with fake succulents! All for under two dollars


#2: Lighten the place up!
Angela Wright, a renown interior designer once spoke about the mental state that can be changed by the shades around you. When speaking of a university dorm she said that yellow was the preferred shade, “It takes guts to be creative and come up with something new – that’s why yellow works in that environment.” Being surrounded by dark and miserable shades, like grey, do not enhance motivation. Bring some spring to your dorm with accents of yellow, peach, and green in your dorm with pillows, blankets, and pencil holders! You will not believe what it can do to space.


#3:: Light it up!
With the small slotted window and a yellow overhanging light, a little bit of lighting at night would not hurt anyone. Fairy lights can be cute on a late night study sesh, or a simple light up moon

#4: Put your passion in it!
What do you like to do? Do you like to draw? Do you love rock music? Since you cannot put holes in your wall, make your dorm funky with posters! Fun prints on websites like HomeSweetRoute for as low as $10

all in all, just make your space feel like home!


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