How To Survive Frosh Week

It’s that time of year again.

You go arrive at Staples to get brand new two-inch binders to get a fresh start this year, yet your student budget only allows you to cop the lime green and hot pink floral Dora binders for 99¢. You begin to question what learning utensils you will actually need on a day to day basis and throw out the hole puncher ruler that you’ve kept since the eighth grade. You look at all your clothes and begin to wonder if they fit your new ~*aesthetic*~. To be fair, it is your time to start a new; goodbye braces and over plucked brows. We have left that to the graveyard that is high school yearbooks. No, this is a whole new world. Finally, you can relate to Demi Lovato in Camp Rock and question, “who will I be?” 

You, reading this behind a computer screen that often asks if you are still watching at 1 am, you are going to kill this year. You are now a big fish in an even BIGGER pond and you will kill this year. Your first year of university. 

Yet before you hit the books, you’ll have a little fun first. To some, this week is more terrifying than waking up for an 8 am lecture that lasts three hours (and that’s just wrong). Today, on this Sockin’ Sunday, I’m here to tell you that much like Gloria Gaynor, you WILL survive…with these 10 tips to make it through Frosh Week. 

*stay posted at the end for a youtube video*


(you are gonna have a blast so take a deep breath)

#1: Be Prepared 


Depending per your university, Frosh Week/Orientation Week has many activities and exclusive events. If your faculty or program is having its specific frosh events, make sure to look that up ahead of time and buy a ticket. Sometimes tickets range from being completely free to 100 dollars. If you are on the fence about taking the risk to buy a ticket, just know you only have frosh ONCE…so why not?! 

For my Frosh Week, there were many events going on at the same time that I wanted to attend, so I made sure that I saved the ones that I wanted to go to in my google calendar. See if your uni has a CORQ account. It is a fantastic app that shows exactly all the events for your school all year round!

#2: You WILL make friends


You are probably sitting here debating whether to go or not since you have “no friends” at your new school yet. That is the WHOLE reason for partaking in Frosh week! Everyone there is JUST as nervous as you are. So go up to someone, introduce yourself and strike up a conversation! Everyone is a lot nicer than they seem…trust me! I made so many great friends from this past week that I know I will spend the rest of my four years bonding with. Just get out of your comfort zone a bit and you will be surprised with what can happen.

#3: Go Team (Swag is always in)

Have school spirit! Do not be afraid to wear your new merch with pride. That shit is expensive, might as well put it to use! You will also get a lot of free merch this week so why not sport it with pride?! 

#4: You won’t look like an Instagram Model…


A lot of people have this image that they will look like a million dollars on frosh week. That every moment will be Instagram worthy. The truth is, these are long, hot, and busy days. That being said, wear comfortable outfits! Ones that you can last the whole day in. So ditch the sweaty heeled booties and kick it in some sneakers. You will feel a thousand times more comfortable and won’t be afraid of fixing your outfit all day. Plus, you have the rest of the year to sport new apparel on campus!

#5: Respect the Fanny

As you may know, I love a good fanny pack. They are sleek, easy, and get the job done! All of frosh week I relied on my side bag and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. My side bag had a mini cooler in it, which is useful for a quick granola bar or cucumber snack (yes I brought cheese and cucumbers in my side bag to frosh). Bring a snack, some band-aids (just in case!), your charger (you will need it), headphones, and some cash in your fanny pack or side bag and you will be good to take on the entire week! 

#6: Remember your ID


Many events require that you bring in identification to prove that you actually are a student. So make sure to have your ID handy. 

#7: Get them followers

If you are worried about your insta game, fret no more! Every time you meet someone sweet, ask them for their Instagram so you can always link up later on that week or any time throughout the year. Don’t be afraid! Everyone wants to make friends. 

#8: P A R T I C I P A T E

giphy (1).gif

This is your time to have fun so PLEASE do not act too cool for frosh week! No one likes someone who is too cool. We are over that High School bullshit. So throw your pride aside and make a fool of yourself, let loose and have a good time! Yet most importantly…

#9: Be Yourself!

I cannot stress this enough. A lot of people tend to morph like a chameleon to others opinions when they first meet to impress one another. Please stray from this! Be YOURSELF! You will discover that people do enjoy you for exactly the way you are. Who cares if you are a Harry Potter freak?! Or a Dad joke lover?! There are so many new people who are exactly like you, so why not show them your true colours and find friends who want to spend time with you because you are different. You are an amazing individual, never change in any way. 

#10: Party hard! 

This is your one week to let loose before school hits you like a ton of bricks. Have fun! Go out at night and make some memories. Yet be safe. Always know your location, do not bring your entire wallet with you and make sure you trust who you are with. Oh & stay hydrated…always.

All in all, these next four years will be the time of your life! Why not start now?


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