The Secret Life Of a Beauty Star

I am not the best at makeup.

If you’ve been here for a long time you’d know that once I attempted to do a makeup tutorial on YouTube. Thank god that will never see the light of day again. After that tragic experience of putting on makeup with my fingers, I realized that the beauty world is a realm that I shall not dive into, yet have a massive appreciation for. I admire the effort, how tiny strokes can turn into a masterpiece, the innovation and the creativity for the art. 

When I think of beauty icons, automatically three names come to mind: Kylie Jenner, Jeffree Star & James Charles. All the biggest names in the beauty game at the moment. With Kylie Jenner just gaining her billionaire status and James making “sister” the most used word in the 2018 dictionary, it’s difficult to compare them to any of the competition out there. Yet the one name who sticks out the most and has not only been relevant this year, yet has stayed consistently relevant for the past 10+ years, is the name, Jeffree Star.

Jeffree made it big on the MySpace scene, then took on the beauty world with 9.8 Million subscribers on YouTube and a massive cosmetics company under his name. Yet Star’s name has not always had positive connotations surrounding it. Many times, with many celebrities and companies, Starr has gotten into some online beef due to his speaking out and past. Due to all of this, people began to shame Jeffree. Until, this past month, no one knew who the real Jeffree Starr was. Thanks to a docu-series on YouTube made by Shane Dawson (a queen) called The Secret World of Jeffree Star, the world finally found out who he really is. 

If you have not seen the five-part series then please stop what you are doing right now…I mean it! Why are you still on this page?! My god, you have a three-hour video to watch!!!

Anyways, if you have not seen the videos then I highly recommend you do. What I discovered from the entire series is that Jeffree’s life is not all beauty and grace. 

They take you through his massive cosmetic empire, the effort and time he puts behind each product, to the truth about his past as a musician and the trials he had to go through with his self-expression and love for beauty and fashion. I was dumbfounded by how hard of a worker he really is, let alone any YouTuber in the game. 

Yet what took me by surprise was the negative past that Shane opened up for Jeffree. Jeffree comments on his struggles with depression as a teenager, family dynamics, and his struggle with keeping friends who he can really trust. Instead of sharing these secrets, Jeffree kept them all to himself. You’d be lying if you said you did NOT cry while watching Jeffree reveal the truth to who he really is. 

I am not writing this blog post simply to “summarize” what happened in the five-part series. Personally, I keep a lot of things to myself. When I am in distress, I tend to block out the world and write my troubles away. Sure, it is therapeutic for the time being, yet it does not help the greater issue. Through Jeffree’s explanation, he discovered that he shuts many people out due to fear of not being accepted for who he really is. I saw this mirror between Jeffree and I. It made me realize that I need to start letting people in to see who I really am. Sure, it may hurt, some people will come and go, yet the real ones will stay through all the pain and struggle. People were so quick to judge Jeffree. Pin him as the petty shit disturber of YouTube. It is easy to judge a book by its cover, yet what does its story tell?

Thank you Shane and THANK YOU Jeffree for all your hard work, dedication, and beauty throughout this mini series.


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