Return of the Pack

They were pegged as tourist apparel for their functionality and the fact that they go hand in hand with a Hawaiian shirt and visor.  Then, when electronic music took over the millennial scene, they got turned into a must-have for any rave. Slowly but surely, the staple piece for dads on vacation, ravers, and camp counselors, became acceptable and all of a sudden were the must-have piece for the summer of 2018.

It makes you question…

who ruled out the fanny pack, to begin with?

And why has it taken them so long to come back in style?

I started to notice the trend before setting off to Europe. All over Instagram, street style icons were modeling the pack from shredding it at the skate park to a night out with friends. The pictures were of men and women. This changed the game for me.

It has been ages since there has been a trend for all genders. Sure, they tried to make male rompers work, but let’s be honest…I do not think we will be seeing them in day to day life any time soon. The fanny pack is versatile, useful, and can complete any outfit as a staple piece. At first, just looking at my new holographic fanny pack, I was weary. There is only one way to wear a fanny pack. At least that is what I thought. Yet if there is one common trait among all millennials, it is that we are innovative. Soon designers such as Gucci and Levis started having models strut down with their new accessory and the internet made it their own.

There was the classic method of around the waist


Then came the cross body method


Then the over the neck accessible and cross body bag look


Models, bloggers, actors, singers, and celebrities of all sorts jumped on the bandwagon too. I never realized how influential the classic bag was until I hit the EU. In every city, chic teenage boys would sport their fanny pack/crossbody bag with Dickies. It looked effortlessly cool and quite useful for a summers night.

All in all, I am so here for this trend. Most trends nowadays die after a flicker in the limelight (do you remember the corset belts?), yet I am counting my lucky stars and hoping that this item becomes a staple in the American style scene. Not only because they look sleek, yet due to the fact that sometimes I get lazy and would much rather a useful bag then a chintzy miniature purse that cannot even fit my phone in it.


By Sock the Walk

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