European Discovery: My Europe Experience!

I’ve been struggling with how to start this blog post. It feels foreign to me to be writing on my keyboard about fashion, lifestyle, and what I hate about high school since it has been so damn long. For those of you who have stuck around even though I’ve been off the grid for a month, hello and welcome back! For those of you who are new to…welcome to the mess that I call my life. Buckle up, it gets quite exciting on this page.

If you know me personally, or have seen me litter my Instagram with posts, you’d know that I have been traveling across Europe for the past month and a bit *cue gasp*. Going alone has been the most thrilling experience of my life. I discovered new things about myself, I learned the importance of independence and confidence in who I have become while moving from city to city one lemon gelati at a time.

I found myself feeling free and not ashamed of how weird I am. I found that in a group of forty couples and dynamic duos, I always felt included and made many friends from all around the world who, for July, were my family. We went through many late nights, broken tents, and countless sleep-deprived moments that I will look back and cherish forever. If you asked me before my TopDeck trip if I’d ever see myself being a happy camper, I’d probably laugh. I was so used to my whole life from my job to my blog being online, that it merely became who I am. I pushed aside my mental health for an image of who I wanted to be. Thanks to TopDeck, each beautiful twelve countries, and twenty-six days, I found myself to be changed. I got up at six thirty every morning, despite coming home in the early morning some nights. I enjoyed putting up tents, as it was a task that I learned to master in two minutes. I found myself laughing the entire time and not giving a damn about what anyone thought about me. As cheesy as it sounds, it was life-changing.

Everyone always asks me about the sights I saw. I try to think back to one specific place that took my breath away and gets flooded with a beautiful moment from each city. Each unique culture. Each time I saw something I could have never imagined. I was disconnected from my phone and could fully immerse myself in what was in front of me from the snow-covered Jungfrau to the history ridden Colosseum. Sure, I took pictures with my phone, yet learned as the trip progressed only to take a few. Pictures are a reminder for back home, not for finding the ideal shot at the time being and missing whats happening in real time all around you.

I realized that the twenty-three-year-old Broderick living lavishly on his day off with an anxious friend that reminded me a lot of myself was right. Life moves pretty fast if you don’t look around once and a while you could miss it. For the past year, I’ve been overworking, stressing, and living life just wishing for tomorrow to come. I was much like Cameron (and not just because I am a lanky bean). Yet it took me going to another continent, instead of taking a day off around my whacky city, to realize what Cameron did. Not to take life so seriously and take it one day at a time enjoying every moment. Who cares if life doesn’t go as planned? At the end of the day, that’s the thrill of it all.

I have had the most unexpectedly amazing month of my life. Instead of boring you with a bajillion of blog posts trying to be like a travel blogger yet never perfecting their ability to pose and look like they’ve dropped something on the floor in a beautiful way, I decided to create a little video for you guys to feel as if you were there with me too 🙂

IF you enjoyed this post feel free to comment down below and let me know! I may do more like these…little snippets of my trip and such. If you do, stick around! 


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