Why PAQ is the YouTube Channel that street style needed

“Shout out to Value Village for my looks.” 

(Yes, that was my inspirational speech for best-dressed)

Your wardrobe defines you. Whether it is jam-packed with all of the latest trends, name brands, or baggy old band tees you found in the back of your dads closet. I discovered this early on, as I was raised to believe that there is nothing to be ashamed of buying for a bargain. When I was in elementary school, everyone shopped at Aeropostale or La Senza Girl, yet I shopped at Value Village. I wasn’t ashamed of how I got my clothes. I had the choice to go to the mall, and don’t get me wrong I sometimes did, but I always found a joy for thrift shopping. Maybe it was because everyone at thrift stores seems to be kinder or perhaps it was because every time I went, there was always something new and vintage to score, all I know is that even now, a thrift store is still my go-to shopping experience.

I never found many people who loved the joy of scrounging through outdated yet never faded articles of clothing. Until I started thrifting to find streetwear on a budget. All of a sudden every single one of my friends wanted to go thrifting with me because I found cherry red Kappa pants for ten dollars, a Pheonix oriental Halloween costume that I turned into a next level prom dress for fifteen, and many more cult finds that people were paying fortunes for from stores like Zara, I Am Gia, and Nordstrom. Then when they come with me, they always look at their carts in shame as they haven’t found anything worth trying. It is all in the element of having a vision. When you buy from consignment stores, you have to see the article of clothing in a new light. In a way that maybe it was not intended for, yet it sure as hell looks fantastic in. Through every “Thrift Haul” or “Come thrifting with me!!” YouTube video, I never really found any content creators that thought in this sort of out of the box way. That was until I found PAQ.


I was bored out of my mind on YouTube one night when I remembered a suggestion that my friend made to me. She, like me, dresses in a way that is thrifting yet still looks classic and on trend. So I typed in PAQ in the search bar and got exposed to a world of street style glory. I clicked on the first recommended video and went for it. For the next 24 hours, all I did was watch PAQ videos.

I was instantly sucked into the world of Danny, Shaq, Elias, and Dex from the first video. Maybe it was the fact that I started off with a thrift oriented video (or their British accents) yet as I kept watching I realized that it was because each episode is so perfectly crafted its like renaissance painting that I could stare at all day.

Each episode starts off the same. The four boys sit around at the Kyra Tv studio introducing the challenge they have to do for the week. Whether it be finding an entire outfit for under 200 dollars, or designing their own album cover for Spotify, the challenges last for the whole episode. Sometimes, the boys get split up into teams (whether with a guest or with each other) but they also complete ones on their own. Each episode is jam-packed with trends, unique qualities, and funny rivalry that is put between four best friends. Each member of PAQ is individual in their own way and indeed bring the willing to continue watching to the table.


First off we have Danny (be ready for him to steal your heart). Danny Lomas is the classic clean cut with an edgy look. He can win any girl over with his charm, wit and a great sense of style. Just don’t believe that he is a pimp…it isn’t true. Danny is the man that you see at a coffee shop and automatically fall in love with.


Next up there is the master of all black everything; Dex. Dex wears all black and has no shame with it. He is the guy who you see on the street and think “that’s a hype beast.” He is very lowkey yet crisp. Dex also may be the shyest of the bunch, yet seems the most approachable.


Next, we have the most extra of them all: Elias. Elias is a full-on Instagram hype guy. His outfits are always on point and exude his confidence (because many people I know sure as hell would never be as confident to wear something so unique). I love it. No matter what he wears, everyone loves it, and it works, because it always reflects his personality. He knows all the labels and he works them.


Last but definitely not least, we have the ever so cool Shaq. Shaquille loves his dungarees, silver hoops, and simple graphic tees. He is someone you would see out and about with a film camera and think, “wow he’s so hip.” He has that whole 90’s r&b hip hop vibe about him that reflects in his clothes. Shak may be the kindest souled person you will ever come across yet he has a lot of wit in him when it comes to beating the other boys.

I love how the audience feels as if they can relate to the creators and can see a little bit of themselves in each one. Even as a girl, PAQ is inspirational in the street style scene as to what works together, yet I genuinely think it is one of the only channels on YouTube that helps focus on what guys want to wear. It is no lie that the YouTube sphere is dominated by beauty gurus and more girl geared channels. So to see a channel such as PAQ that can be geared towards no specific gender is impressive. They give style advice to a broad audience that is never quite reached. So props to you guys for that. It’s sick bruv.


All in all, what I am trying to say by this post is that if you haven’t yet, you must check out PAQ and thank you to the boys for making a significant channel like this. Seriously, I’ve lost hope on many channels, and you guys are all I have left. Who knows, maybe in London I will run into some of you guys on the street.



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