From Fidget Spinners To Popping Fake Pimples

There is nothing more satisfying than popping a pimple. Seeing a fresh black head ready to be picked is the more joyous than the fact that it takes two weeks to heal. Yet I see you. Yes, you, the one through the screen shaking your head in disagreement thinking, “No! I do not pop my pimples that is disgusting” If you said that then you are most likely a robot. Don’t kid yourself, all humans love an excellent pimple popping session. This is why we have pages such as Dr. Pimple Popper all over Instagram with 2.7 Million followers.

I have had my fair share of battles with acne; from the trail whiteheads that appear oh so mysteriously at the same time of the month to the clogged pores that can never seem to be solved by a Bioré nose strip.

I mostly have and continue to have, acne due to my picking tendencies. I think of the disgust from a pimple at the moment, yet never the effects of the pick in scars for years to come. But I am trying to quit. Yes, it may seem like an impossible task…until now.


I love scrolling through Instagram’s recommended videos of the day. That’s where you find the best memes. Today as I was scrolling past Lele Pons and Maury Show “SHOCKING MOMENTS,” I found a video titled: The Pop it pal.


Automatically I was intrigued. After watching several videos, I discovered the beauty of the POP iT PAL. The POP iT PAL is a rubber toy where you put a fake puss formula into tiny pimple like holes and squeeze them out with your fingers. It looks just like the disgusting habit that no one admits to partaking in. For $19.99, you can get the POP iT PAL in peach and brown yet you cannot forget the pus for an additional $5.99.

So what do you think? Is this legendary or useless?! Has society officially gone mad?



By Sock the Walk

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