March Favourites!

Happy Sockin’ (easter) Sunday!

The sun is shining, the easter bunny is hopping around, and April is just around the corner. Instead of doing a lengthy opinionated blog post today, I decided to share my top ten things I’ve been loving this month with you guys. Now sit back, kick your feet up, crack into that mini egg, and enjoy!

#1: Queer Eye


If you have never seen the Fab 5 in action, then you are missing out honey! Queer Eye is a new show on Netflix where the Fab 5 make over a man’s life in a week. They transform their diet, self-confidence, style, interior design, and haircut bringing an empowered individual at the end of every episode. It is so beautiful to watch each individual transform into someone who is truly happy with who they are. Props to you Fab 5!

#2: Barbie Vlogs


This may be the oddest yet most captivating thing I have discovered in 2018 so far. Our beloved Barbie is now a YouTuber *moment of silence* I have never been a lover of the cult classic plastic doll, yet these vlogs made me wish I were! In this series on YouTube, Barbie and her friends film sit down videos and film makeup tutorials, best friend tags, and Q & A videos.  As a kid being raised in the YouTube generation, I would like to say congratulations to the advertising team at Barbie! This is the most ingenious way to keep the doll relevant. My only issue with it…they look too “perfect”.

#3: Empty Music

Do you love YouTube? Do you love listening to depressing music on a rainy day? Do you love going to parties but also cherish finding an escape route to relax while being there? If so…not only are we the same person but we probably are very introverted at heart *YAYYY* It does not have a specific name but I like to call it Empty Music. Empty Music is specific songs that people have edited so it puts the audience feel as if they are in a certain situation. It is very pleasing to how accurate it is. I put them on in the background as I study and it is mesmerizing. My personal favourites are:

#1: Empty Arena (where it sounds as if you are the only one at the concert) 

#2: Empty Mall (stranded at a mall?)

#3: Locked in a bathroom at a party (different people may have their own memories of this that they do not like to share, yet mine are all a personal choice to get away from chaos)

#4: Maybelline Super-Stay Matte Ink: Un-Nude


I have been loving this little series modeled by Gigi Hadid recently. I am in love with the long lasting product and the easy wearability of the shade amazonian.

#5:  Spotify Premium

Lastly, I am always late to the trends and have found myself recently JUST purchasing Spotify Premium. I listen to a lot of music and for someone like me, this is a dream come true. If you are a student go to Spotify right now and buy your premium service for half off! All you need is a student ID!

Thanks for tuning in on your busy long weekend! I hope you have a lovely Easter


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