73 Reasons why Timothée Chalamet should go to Prom with Me

As a kid, to me, Prom was the night that I would go with my boyfriend and wear a ballroom gown. I had this vision of a glowing goddess, that would be me, driving off in a limo. Flash forward thirteen years and here I am; single. I had this idea that in High School EVERYONE gets a hot boyfriend. Maybe this was because I watched Grease too much growing up, or due to the fact that this fact that Disney fed this ideology of “endless hotties” from Hannah Montana to Wizards of Waverley Place. Now, I am no longer a naive seven year old and have discovered that not everything that is fed to you in the media is true. Yet most importantly I have discovered that you do not need a boy to have you realize how wonderful you are. I have learned to love myself.

That being said, I knew I would kill it at Prom with my gals this May, yet for some reason, I couldn’t shake this feeling of Nostalgia that would come with getting the perfect Prom date. So, as the impatient girl I am, I decided to take matters into my own hands by asking the most perfect person I could find to Prom; Timothée Chalamet. I went to go see his new feature film Call Me By Your Name on October 20th with my friend Kenya. After the credits rolled and tears were shed, looked at each other in awe of his beauty. I then decided…I had found the most adorable human on the planet. Well, me and twenty million other men and women out there. This is why five months and many award ceremonies later, I decided that Timothée not only has to kill it in the award season.

Yet I asked him in the most Sock The Walk way possible; with a Vogue inspired video. You may know the famous 73 Questions videos that the fashion force puts out on their YouTube account where they ask celebrities 73 intimate questions in their homes. Since Timothée does not know me yet I decided to make a 73 questions video called 73 Reasons Why Timothée Chalamet Should Go To Prom With Me where I rap, dance, and put on my Ladybird prom dress.

If you could go give it a like and share it with him it would mean the world to me.

Thank you so much

I know, it’s farfetched and naive but who knows…dreams can come true!

73 Reasons WhyTimothée ChalametShould Go ToProm With Me.jpg

By Sock the Walk

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