The Trials (and errors) Of Being Vegan For 1 Week

I woke up, looked at myself in the mirror, and thought of something I haven’t thought of for a long time. Working out. I realized how much of a hypocrite I was by writing a blog post on “kicking your new year’s revolutions” and some made up crap, while I haven’t moved my body, gone to a class, or lifted a weight in two whole months.

Then it hit me…

shit, I have semi-formal in 1 week. 

I began to think of how my body was not “semi-ready.” Of course, I wouldn’t magically get a perfect glowing six pack for the occasion, I thought by now I would have started to eat healthier since the winter break.Since, in my mind, from December to March it is “bulking season,” I have been eating chocolate bars every day after school for the past month while wondering why I do not look the same as I did in the summer.

When I turned away from the mirror and saw the dress in the corner of my eye, I got an idea.Why not go vegan for a week?

For the past year and a half, my best friend Bethany has been vegan. To me, she is the poster girl of veganism: fit, glowing, basically a chef, and knows her facts about animal cruelty. I’ve looked up at her, wondering if I could ever have the willpower to drop chocolate or late night ice cream binges. As it turns out, when I put my mind to it, I did!

As the title gives away…here are the chronicles of Sock The Walk attempting to be vegan for a week also known as


Sock The Walk.jpg

*video up on youtube now* click here ^^

  1. Don’t be cocky on day one (you are not a vegan YouTuber)

By nature, I am a very goal-oriented person. Once I set a goal for myself, I must achieve it. With this mindset, sometimes, un admittedly I get cocky.  At 7 am on the FIRST day of being vegan (keep in mind I hadn’t even had a meal yet), I said on camera, “this is going to be pretty easy for me!” Oh, girl, you thought! Fast forward four hours to when I came home from school and cried while looking at my crisp After Eight bar in the fridge calling my name.

Over the course of the week, I got better with this, yet that leads us to point #2

2. You will discover how snacking doesn’t have to be a bad habit

Every day after school, I come home and eat anything and everything that I can see. It’s something I cannot control. I’ve trained myself over the past four years that it’s because I’m growing and need to eat a lot. That’s a lie. It’s because I am sluggish and will not make a snack that will tide me over until dinner. When I went vegan last week that all changed. When I came home from school all hot and bothered because I have 3 tests in the next week, instead of taking it out on my junk food, I took the time to relax, cut some veg and think about how I know ill make it through. But as the week went on, to my surprise I snacked less and less. Not because I told myself I needed to change my habits but because…

3. I started making real meals

Don’t get me wrong, I eat real meals all the time. I’m the type who gets out of bed in the morning just by the incentive of eggs and toast waiting for me on the other side. Lately, I haven’t been feeling fully able and have these low points throughout the day where I lack the energy to do anything, mid french class. I discovered it is due to the fact that I do not feed myself enough. I pack an avocado and a piece of naan bread for lunch and call it a day. Throughout this vegan challenge, I found that I was nourishing my body more than I ever had (despite what people say about the lack of protein that vegans get).  I made salads, oatmeal, and veggie ground dinners as my go-to meals. I felt full and got a new inspiration every single day. Not to mention, I found that cooking was my one time a day where I could shut down and not worry about the she-said-he-said drama that haunts every corner of high school hallways. 

4. Labels become your best friend

I never look at the Nutrition Label. I do not have to time to look at what ingredients were in the single granola bar I would devour in 2.0 milliseconds. After this week, I discovered that I do not know half the ingredients that I consume. I found out that in most of my foods the brand found fancy words to say “sugar.” It was interesting. 

This challenge put me back on track and dragged me out of the dark hole that I have been in lately. Eating well and eating vegan pulled me out of it and for that, I say thank you, vegans!!!! I thought it was grade 12 bringing down, yet it was all in the foods I consumed and the way I portrayed myself. It seemed that when I put the effort in, I felt proud and confident in who I was. So I hope for all of you that next time there’s a vegan in the room, do not make fun of them because they are vegan, yet tell them how strong they must be to have taken that leap. I know I’m glad I did.

(Just never bring up the lack of protein…EVER)

By Sock the Walk

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