5 Reasons why being single on Valentine’s day is the Best

Take it from me,

every Valentine’s day, since I could write my own valentines, I’ve been single. Growing up, Valentine’s day was that one day a year where I would rush to class, unpack my Justin Bieber Valentine’s cards, and not so patiently wait for all of the cards to rush in. Would someone spell my name correctly this year? Would someone compliment me?! That was the most amazing part of it all, the surprise. Oh, and the candy. Yet as I grew older, and as my friends flowed in and out of relationships, I realized that being single on Valentine’s day is the best. Most people talk about sitting at home while eating ice cream and crying to the Notebook as if its a bad thing. As-If! Yet if you are still stuck in a “no one will ever be my Valentine” slump, here are 5 reasons why being single on Valentine’s day is the best:

#1: Unlike all of your peers who are spending $12 per red rose on Valentine’s day on top of an additional $3 card, $10 box of chocolates that will never be good enough for their partners expensive taste even though they have to remind them that they cannot afford Laura Secord chocolates on a cashier budget, you will make it out of the 14th without debt or drama. Plus, while everyone is rushing to get the goods before Vday, you can sit back and get all the perfect 50% off chocolate the next day. Mic. Drop.

#2: Valentine’s day is the ultimate meme day. Usually, you would not have the amount of time to appreciate the comedy gold that comes out of Vday if you have a partner. Fret no more! This single Valentine’s day you can appreciate all of the best memes you will ever encounter…

Like this:

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.33.19 PM

or this:


ok, maybe even this because we all did and pretended we didn’t see this coming:

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.33.52 PM

Congrats Kylie!!

#3: You can use the best pun on the planet…you can tell people you are spending Valentine’s day Han’s style this year…





#4: You can do whatever you want to do all day. The idea of putting on actual clothing and not wearing sweatpants is exhausting enough. Then add makeup to the equation…Might as well stop while we’re at it! You get to not lift a finger all day and it’s amazing

#5: There is this idea behind Valentine’s day that if you do not make some sort of epic Snapchat Story-worthy romantic gesture then your day is a dud. When you are single, you have no reason to feel underwhelmed when things did not turn out as planned.


So don’t sweat the small stuff this year and have an epic Valentine’s day! Because let’s face it, you will one day be forced to spend it with someone else, so why not accommodate¬†yourself this year! And if you feel all alone and down in the dumps just remember, you are not the only one.


By Sock the Walk

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