How The Stargirl Blessed The 6ix

Life is awesome, I confess

What I do, I do best

You got nothing, I got tested

And I’m best, yes

Ever since middle school, I’ve had a passion for a bad ass named Lana Del Rey…You’ve probably heard of her. Even though I could not relate to or comprehend any of her lyrics back then, I felt a sort of connection with the soft-spoken British sounding artist. The melodies of Born To Die got me through a very difficult time in my life. Back then, I did not speak up for myself and my only safe haven was Lana’s album. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have pictured my future self to be fortunate enough to be able to see the ethereal angel in concert.

The night began with my best friend, who evidently was there throughout that tough period and besides Lana was my in real life rock, coming over so we could “get ready together”. Before I start my story, can I just say NO GIRL needs two hours to get ready when they are on their own…ever. But if you add a pre-made Lana Del Rey playlist, a friend (or outfit advisor), a lip sync battle in the mirror as you’re blending out your eyeshadow, and three outfit changes to the equation then yes, every girl needs two hours to get ready. As you can already tell, this is what we did to prep ourselves mentally for the night that was about to unfold.

When we got to the arena, in our matching outfits, it hadn’t hit me still that we were going to a concert (compared to when I saw 1D and cried in line…I’m glad that didn’t happen again). Yet when the lights shut off, a beach stage was set up, and the concert opened with the murmurs of the audience; it hit me, and I cried.

Lana’s performance was impeccable. I had no expectations going into the concert of the chill indie icon, and was completely ~shook~ when she sounded exactly as she did on her albums. Lana could have done anything on that stage and the crowd would have been in awe. For God’s sake, she sang while lying down and only had an hour set and not one person left that arena unhappy. Actually, I left feeling the most relaxed I’ve ever been. Maybe it was her soft music, or maybe it was her moving words, but I left that arena feeling as if I’d just meditated. *

*Fun fact: The LDR concert is the only concert that will not have your ears ringing after you leave

Lana played hits from each album, mostly from her Born To Die and Lust For Life, made the audience cried with her reaction to all the lighters (also known as phone flashlights), and she even played the song that she is currently being sued for yet without the backtrack in it. Lana Del Rey was and always will be a powerful woman in the industry with her bad ass attitude that allows her to be anything and anyone she desires and I look up to her for that.

Thank you, Lana, for blessing Toronto. I genuinely think my skin cleared after breathing the same air as you, but besides that, do not let anyone bring you down because you are beautiful and change the world for the better.You also have always been able to bring me and my best friend together, and I thank you for that. There was nobody else I’d rather go to your concert than with her.


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