Ab & Butt Workouts To Crush Your New Year Resolutions

“This will be my year, I will actually work out” *ten minutes later finishes an entire bag of Oreos*

I know what it’s like. You go into every single new year with a gym membership, new fitness attire, and new sneakers ready to take on all of your fitness goals. You tell your self as each day goes by that “today will be the day I’ll wake up early and go to the gym”. I’m here to tell you the truth. You will not use that membership or put on those sneakers if you have that mantra in mind. Instead, I made a simple workout for you that won’t break the bank (all need are some weights, a mat, and a water bottle). Working out with simple workouts empower you to love your body and all you work for! Even if you do not go to the gym you will feel fulfilled.

I also find that I never am motivated to workout unless I have a killer-never-want-to-turn-off-girl-power-boss-playlist. Which is exactly what I’ve made for you. Thank me later ūüėČ I hope you like the workout and feel good after it!

Since most people’s resolutions are to get rock solid abs and a bubble butt…


start off by stretching (always engage core throughout workout)

    • If it is possible, go for a 30-minute speed walk or 15-minute jog, if not that’s an okay as well!
    • 100 Jumping Jacks
    • 10 mountain climbers
    • 30 Crunches (with legs up in the air at a 90-degree angle)
    • 30 Leg Lifts (with legs together)


  • 30 Leg Pumps Per Side (hold weight with elbow against same side knee while pumping the opposite leg kicking it in and out all while not touching the ground)
  • 30 mountain climbers
  • 12 Per Leg Bird dog (opposite leg to opposite arm, switch and hold for 5 seconds)
  • 30 Russian Twists Per Side (with weight)

#2: BOOTY WORKOUT (Intervals)

start off by stretching (always engage core and butt throughout workout)

  • 30 Back Kicks Per Leg (3 intervals)
  • 15 Fire Hydrants Per Leg (3 intervals)
  • 13 Donkey Kicks Per Leg¬†(3 intervals)
  • 10 Supermans¬†(3 intervals)
  • 12 Squats (Arms overhead as if holding a big ball)¬†(3 intervals)
  • 30 Quick Kicks Per Leg¬†(3 intervals)
  • 10 Pli√© Pulse
  • 12 Hip Thrusts (on a couch or chair)¬†(3 intervals)

PLAYLIST: Spotify 


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By Sock the Walk

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