Goodbye 2017

“I feel like this year is really about, like the year of just realizing stuff. And everyone around me, we’re all just realizing things” – Kylie Jenner (aka a fortune teller forever more)

Despite how many people made fun of the makeup mogul, I have to stand with Kylie and say 2017 was about like, realizing stuff. I mean come on, she found a way to turn that phrase that she said, an entire year before, into a million dollar t-shirt line. So what happened in 2017? If you look all over Twitter, people will say this was the WORST year ever; from fake news shaping a nation, the fireball that became Los Angeles, to the Las Vegas shooting. Looking back, it was a year that made society realize, “Maybe we aren’t as accepting as we say we are? Maybe we aren’t as pure?”. If you scroll through it all you can only find comments of hate towards 2017. Yet what about the good? Women began talking about sexual harassment publicly (drawing attention to many beloved celebrities being claimed), Taylor Swift finally came out of the darkness and smashed all the haters that have ever called her a snake, Harry Styles showed the world what music is, Riverdale attempted to do 2 seasons, Beyoncé had twins, the solar eclipse revived Bonnie Tyler’s hit and made us question why it ever left, and Cardi B came out of the darkness to show us how women can be bosses. It was also a year of change for myself. I got in Vogue Italy (I have never shared that on here but hey! It was an important moment for me), I got my dream job, got into university, matured, got a tattoo, went to Harry Potter world found self-love, and decided to do what’s right for myself. Through it all, you are still here with me (god knows why) but thank you <3!



2017, you may have been hard to get through, yet you did bring some dank memes along the way. Thank you, I will never look at Pennywise, apply salt, or look at stock photos the same.

So cheers to being out with the old and in with the new! Here’s to 2018 (please be good).


Please leave all the fidget spinning done before 12 am on January first. Rip Fidget Spinners, you will not be missed.

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