VIDEO: My Record Collection!

Happy Socking…Monday?

I know, I know, I am late. I can already imagine all of the hate already, the tapping keys, and the unfollow buttons getting a workout, yet I can make it up to you! We all know the holiday’s are “wonderful”, but the rush and slush can be so damn stressful. Add on to that a ticking university application that is due before the new year. That sends a cheery, “Happy Holidays from my stressed out house hold to yours!”, on everyones two week break.

While having a jam packed weekend of applications, I will blog about that later trust me, I was scrolling through my YouTube channel. For a moment I laughed. Oh you wanna be blogger/vlogger! Then right as I was about to quit…I hit the gold mine. I found a video I wanted to post on here a while ago but completely forgot to.

My Record Collection

Ever since grade 9, I have been obsessed with collecting records and getting my hands on the cheapest yet best quality ones I can find. Music is a hug part of my life, and I think my all over the place taste really showcases my personality. So please sit back and I hope you enjoy!!!


By Sock the Walk

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