Stages Of Putting On Makeup

I never wear makeup

I used to rely on tinted products to give me the confidence to “fit in”. When my friends started swiping on mascara and god-awful turquoise eyeshadow at the age of 12, I instantly pined over something that seemed, to me, like a chore. I always associated wearing makeup with being a mature adult. Now that I am nearing my adulthood, I have no desire to make myself look older (as I already look older than my age due to my large stature) and wish I could have told my grade 6 graphic t-shirt wearing self to pump the breaks on maturity and enjoy every moment as a child. I only stopped wearing makeup religiously last year when I decided to do one month of no makeup for my blog with the post What I Learned From 1 Month of No-Makeup.  That being said, some days I wake up and feel the need to look a bit more glammed up. I will be taking you through those moments in this blog post.


It hits me at 8 am as I finished my routine. I had breakfast, got dressed and made my lunch… but now what? I look at my phone and see I have 20 minutes to spare before having to head off to school. Seriously?! Only 8:00 am?! When it hits me that I could have slept until 7:30 am, I get throw my phone. Really?! Now I am going to be falling asleep mid-Business Leadership again (honestly, why do they put the class where I take notes and watch Dragon’s Den in the first period?!) As I grab my toothbrush to brush my teeth, my basic outfit catches my eye. A basic black tank, blue mom jeans, and my puma socks stare back at me with the glisten of my silver hoops on the mirror’s image. Another boring outfit, another day, so wait why not spice it up with some mascara?! Just a little bit of makeup right??!

Step number one.

I have already strayed the plan at this point by deciding to wear some eyeshadow. This happened by the fact that my barely untouched tart in bloom palette was calling my name when I reached for my great lash mascara.Go big or go home, I mean what harm can a little bit of eyeshadow do?

I open the palette and stare at the pigmented shades that I have never used. I dip my incorrect brush into a light pink and swipe it all over both my lid. Perfect, just what I wanted now, a little bit of brown. As I swipe it onto the left eye, I realize that eyelids are sisters NOT twins. While my right eye looks blended to perfection, my left eye looks like the scene of a crime. Tampered with, and anything but pleasant. I move back, look at the disaster I just made and think about how I could restart, but it’s too late. I look at my phone, and it reads 8:13 am. It’s too late now.

In a panic, I swipe some mascara on my top lashes, put some concealer on under my eyes, look at the beauty blender but decide to just blend with my fingers, and then it hits me. I stand back and see that my eyeshadow actually looks good! I become really proud for a second and then right as I am about to brush my eyebrows, I see it. Something too horrible for words, something utterly terrifying, something that haunts me in my dreams; a speck of black mascara just near my eyebrow. NO. No no no! I get a Qtip and try to solve this mission impossible task.

NO. No no no! I run to get a Qtip to solve this mission impossible task. As I reveal the whiteout esque job I did on my botched eyelid, I see a blank space. This is the end. As Skyfall by Adele slowly plays in my head, I decide that this is the reason I do not wear makeup. Yet something catches my eye that wasn’t so bad. I see an angel…an angelic product that saves lives; highlighter.

I throw sweep on some highlighter on my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose and decide that if my highlight is popping no one will notice my pathetic eyeshadow. I stand back, put away my makeup, and look at my masterpiece. An array of comments like “fire” and “yessss girl” come to mind as I look into my mirror as if it were a photoshoot. Before my last look, I give a smoulder and check my phone to see it is 8:20 am. Right on time.


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