How To Instagram: Fall Edition

“Wait this is so aesthetic” *takes a pic of a broken fidget spinner*

Welcome to the world of aesthetic. One where you download VSCO Cam to get the perfect feed, take pictures that have no meaning whatsoever to balance out this said feed, and adding filter upon filter to get effortless with a hint of 5 hours of editing final look. As a social media manager, and teenage girl all in one, I am a follower of these secret Instagram rules. The best part of it all is the ability to create your own online image. There is the: Friday night summer nights post (to pretend like I leave my house once and a while), the selfie (that took 200 shots to take), the candid (that was secretly planned out 1 week before taking), and the sunset shot (that was taken by your mom two years ago). Mastering Instagram can be an art. Yet when the leaves start changing, the days grow shorter, and the fresh air turns into the potent smell of pumpkin spice lattes, the fun of Instagram grows into a full-time job.

Now before you whip out the #psl selfies, and kill your social life forever, follow these guidelines to a popping Instagram feed.The “I am not inside alone tonight in a Snuggie watching the Office” post

#1: Most Friday nights (pro tip post this on a Friday night) I would rather be at home ALONE than out on the town. I love to socialize but after a long day of enduring pointless drama and assignments, I turn into a monster. Instead, you find a picture from a past party, friend get together, etc, and post it saying, “love you” or some caption with pointless emojis (if you didn’t know a banana emoji has A LOT to do with this picture of my face). Bada bing bada boom you can stay in beat the cold, and re-watch the Office for the 400th time.

#2: Never ever post a Pumpkin Spice Latte photo. We are no longer living in 2012 and captioning our photos #livelaughlove #rawrXD.

#3: Leaves are always aesthetic

#4: Post as many pictures from the summer to pretend you go out on the weekends

#5: Try for 4 hours to recreate that one really hot Bella Hadid selfie that looks slightly achievable and end up looking like an ugly renaissance baby


#6: Make sure every selfie you look very unhappy because university applications and mental breakdowns are a part of the daily routine *post these selfies whilst you are lying in bed at 8 pm and wearing pimple cream*

#7: Take a foot selfie on your bed featuring a book you will never read, a blanket, and a cup of coffee that will leave a brown rim on your white duvet. Then caption it with a song lyric (preferably Harry Styles, or Lana Del Rey)

#8: Buy a new sleek pair of Chelsea boots and take the most ootd blogger-esque post possible. Even though you will look hot, your feet will not be so thankful with battle scar blisters to prove it


(I just want to know how Harry Styles does it)

#9: If your crush says they are into the “dad bod” try this fanny pack out in your next Instagram post:

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.26.24 PM

(They are fresh off the London Fashion Week runways…how could anyone resist?!)


#10: Post as much as you possibly can about Halloween. Be spooky, scare children, and try to watch Tim Burton films every night


All in all, don’t stick to the status quo & do you this fall! Who cares what other people are posting, post what makes you happy. Oh, and don’t forget to strut in that pot belly



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