Pop culture + Jewelry​: CleopatraCandy Knocks Both Out Of The Park!

*the office theme song plays* “Sorry, that’s  my phone”

Yes…I am that person. From the Office to the true love affair in the office (Joe Biden & Obama is real), I love anything to do with pop culture. A month ago, I was on Etsy (the place where DIY dreams are made of), and I found a boutique that was everything I loved about pop culture turned into fun jewelry and key chains; CleopatraCandy. I automatically fell in love when I saw Drake, Childish Gambino, Niall Horan, and Michael Scott earrings. In pure admiration for someone who finally made my jewelry dreams come true,  I contacted Miriam, the most wonderful girl and shop owner of CleopatraCandy, and asked her a few questions about her amazing boutique. 

#1: Why did you start CleopatraCandy?

“I got into the business as a hobby! I used to make polymer clay charms and My mom had an Etsy shop before me when I was about 17. She offered me to list some of my stuff in her shop and I did not expect any sale but it was just for fun, but low and behold I started getting sales! I finally decided to open my own shop and here I am!”


#2: Your products are all based around pop culture, how do you know when something that happens is worth making a product out of? How do you get inspiration?

“I actually get inspiration to make items in my shop from myself! I love watching tv shows, movies, and music and I make the items in my shop about the people that I like in pop culture! I’m glad a lot of people have the same taste as me!”


#3: What is your favorite item on CleopatraCandy?

“My favorite item in my shop is definitely the prison Mike and Dwight which are actually the most popular items!”


#4: Do you get recommendations from others?

“I definitely get recommendations from others because I also wanna know what people like! I also love making custom items that I usually don’t have in my shop! I love hearing and coming up with new ideas!”


#5: How long have you been on Etsy?

“I’ve been on Etsy for about two years!”


#6: Who would you LOVE to one day wear Cleopatra Candy? Why?

“Omg, I would love if anyone from the office cast would buy my stuff! I actually saw a picture of Jenna (Pam) on Instagram holding an office cup she bought from Etsy which is awesome! I just love that show!”


Happy Sockin’ Sunday everyone! 

Thanks for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it and check out CleopatraCandy because you already know that I am going to buy everything from that site! I would like to give a massive shout out to Miriam, thank you so much for letting me do this! You are so amazing and I wish you all the best of luck for the future. 

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