BTS: Lookbook 2017 ​

Happy Sockin’ Sunday everyone!

It’s highly likely that you were all up late last night watching the McGregor vs Mayweather fight, so I decided to give you a break by sharing a video instead of a lengthy blog post today. We all know Mayweather nation is buzzing right now (me included) and I don’t want to kill the mood or anything, but it is back to school season so my friend Kenya and I put together 4 outfits to help you be styling on your first week of school! These outfits have made me feel confident and able to take on the school year by storm, and hopefully, they will do the same for you! So stroll in notoriously on the first week of school  We also did a video on Kenya’s YouTube channel so make sure to check that out in the description of the video. 

 ✕ Outfit #1 ✕

Top-  Value Village, Pants- Zara, Shoes- Old School Moto Vans, Shades- Value Village


✕ Outfit #2 ✕

Tank Top- Zaful, Skirt- Topshop, Shoes- Sirens, Sunglasses- Dior

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 10.16.46 PM.png

✕ Outfit #3 ✕

Top- H&M, Pants-Value Village, Shoes- Value Village, Backpack- Zara



✕ Outfit #4 ✕

Top- Zara, Dress- Brandy Melville,  Sunglasses- Dior, Shoes- Zara

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 10.16.57 PM.png


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