Back To School Survival Guide!

Orientations, schedules, waking up at 7 am??

Those three words can only lead to one thing; school. Whether you quiver at the idea or scream in joy at the sight of it, school is starting up in less than a month. This year, I am here to help guide you in your back to school needs with Sock The Walk’s:

Back To School Survival Guide 


#1: Practicing waking up early may sound dumb, but trust me it works! 1 week before school starts, set an alarm to wake-up at your normal school scheduled time so your body will get back into the swing of things!

Related image

*…now you won’t cry at the idea of waking up before 12. Bible*

#2: Think about your great summer! When I first realized that summer was ending I thought, “I have accomplished nothing this summer”. First of all, the summer does not have to be about accomplishing something, it is about maxing and relaxing! So do not feel bad if all of your classmates were jet-setting around the world, they are probably jealous that you binged Netflix and actually got to see other people this summer. 

#3: Cher wasn’t lying when she said that shopping helps her “clear her head”! Shopping for back to school can help you get back in the spirit, so bring on the fall looks…

Image result for cher shopping clueless

Yet keep in mind shopping for educational necessities! Whether it’s pencils, rulers, or highlighters, make a note on your phone so when you hit your local staples you won’t just buy everything in your site.

#4: Concealer will be your new best friend. While adjusting to the schedule, you may not be getting as much sleep as your summer body was used to…this is where concealer comes in handy! So long dark circles, hello coffee addiction!

#5: Prep your outfits! For the first week of school, set out your outfits for each day so you will not have to hustle as much in the morn. 

Image result for you cant wear that mean girls

…. I am sorry to break it to you, but no one cares as much about your outfits as you do. That being said, do not freak out if your outfits are not 10/10 on the first week of school. If it makes you happy, wear it (even if it is a pair of sweats)!

#7: Make your own survival kit. Every year I put together a bag of lifesavers and put them in my locker so if anything goes wrong…I’m covered. (so yeah I am an over prepared soccer mom)

What to put in your bag: concealer, deodorant, pads, tampons, tissues, Band-aids, mini perfume roller, Advil, mascara, lip balm, vaseline, gum, mints, hair ties and bobby pins

#8: Make a BTS playlist that will keep you going through those late-night study sessions 


#9: Walk in there on the first day with confidence. This will be a great year so own it!



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