Bonjour, Montréal!​

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“You can speak French!! Speak French in Montréal” 

*attempts and gets a response back in English*

As you all probably know, by my extensive grammatical errors of spelling things the “French way”, I am in the French immersion program. My mum is very proud of the fact that I am fluent in two languages, so when ever we set foot in Quebec it is all, “Speak French! Translate! Did I tell you my daughter is fluent??” In France, it’s a breeze. Quebec, on the other hand, is not. You would not expect this at all since I am being taught the language in Canada,  yet the slang they use is nothing like I am taught back at school.

I had many doubts that the citizens would judge my French abilities when I heard about going to Montréal for the weekend. Yet all of my pre conceptions about the struggles in Montréal got thrown out of the window and instead was replaced by its beauty and feeling of home. 

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We drove into Montréal on a terrible day, it was raining buckets and google maps was not functioning fully with our needs. Even though we had been sitting in the car for hours, all I wanted to do was sleep. Instead, we mustered up the strength to go to Old Montréal and boy am I happy we did. 

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Our stroll down to the old part of the city was absolutely stunning. With gray cobble stone roads and white stained buildings clearly influenced by the French, I got flashbacks to my time in Paris. After dinner of crêpe galore, we walked through the University of McGill campus which was a breath of fresh air in the middle of the city! It was HUGE. Yet I felt like a traitor walking through there because we were staying at Concordia residences during our trip (I loved the windows so much, I could sit in a window and watch the rain all day).

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On our second day, was spent indoors mostly due to the on and off showers, yet I am glad we did because we saw the most epic exhibits of all time at the  Musée des Beaux-Arts; La Révolution and Love is Love. Love is Love was an exhibit of wedding apparel made by Jean Paul Gaultier, for any gender!  The gowns were absolutely stunning each in their own way. My favourite was a gown that had a 23 m long train from his 90’s show. 

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The next and final exhibit we attended was the Révolution. An exhibit about the 60’s and how revolutionary of a time it was for music, politics, war, and even religion. It was a time of the new generation, a generation who just wanted to let loose and speak their mind. The exhibit contained everything from John Lennon’s Sgt. Pepper outfit to a mini Woodstock with the drum set of the Who in front of it. We were in there for 2 hours, fascinated by every little piece that shaped the world we live in today. 

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The next day, we went shopping on the main strips, and ran into a multicultural dance festival! While we were clapping along, I kept thinking of Toronto and how similar the two cities were. How fortunate I am to live in such a diverse city and unifying country (especially at times like these). 

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Happy Sockin’ Sunday everyone!

I just want to say that this trip was absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend going to Quebec this summer because they are celebrating their 375th birthday! I  have never made a post with all my own photos so I hope you enjoyed that ;).


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